Solar Incentives in Pennsylvania 2022

Pennsylvania does not seem to fit well into the list of top states which rely on solar power. It has a bleak history of relying on nuclear and coal energy for meeting all its energy requirements. Also, of late, the state had started to explore the various features and facilities for natural gas. But, with time, people have been adopting a progressive mindset. They are becoming aware of the harmful consequences of exhaustive sources of energy. Besides, the government is coming up with policies, amenities, and solar incentives in Pennsylvania that further encourage Pennsylvania’s inhabitants to go green and clean by opting for solar in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania solar incentives 2022 you should know about!

  • Pennsylvania solar tax credit 2022:

    This program has encouraged so many people to opt for solar panels in Pennsylvania. It is a federal program that you can access conveniently. Under this program, you can get a 26% tax credit on your solar setup expenses. It helps in bringing down your overall income tax liability.


  • Pennsylvania solar energy rebates 2022:

    • Net metering: Similar to other states in the US, Pennsylvania, too, has a net metering system. This system sends the excess energy which you do not use back to the grid, and further, the power gets distributed to other places. Thus, you will earn a credit on your energy bill because of excess energy production.
    • Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC): SREC is another major solar incentive provided under the Solar Pennsylvania program 2022. An SREC is earned for each megawatt-hour of solar energy that you produce using the solar set up at your place. These SRECs can be sold to your electricity distribution company.


  • City and country-level solar incentives for Pennsylvania:

    There are several cities and country-level incentives available for the residents of Pennsylvania. The eligibility requirements for these incentives vary sharply.

Solar energy will never get exhausted because it is a renewable source of energy. Hence when you rely on this source, you are actually safeguarding the future of upcoming generations. Connect with Clean Energy Savings USA if you want to hire the best solar installation company in your locality. We have partnered with some of the leading solar setup installation companies across the US.

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