Your Go-to Guide for Residential Solar Panel Installation

The USA is emerging as a nation that is highly reliant on solar power -the clean and renewable form of energy. The best part is that the price of residential solar panel installation in Florida is going down with the passage of time. Besides, a solar energy system is considered to be a sort of upgrade for your home. It amplifies the resale value of your property. Also, homeowners often opt for solar power because of the multiple incentives available.

proper guide for home solar panel installation

If you, too, are planning for a Residential solar panel installation, then let us help you with the details.

Step-by-step home solar installation guide:

Solar panel installation is not an overnight process. Research well before you sign a contract with the best solar installing company in your area. Also, inquire about the lowest possible solar panel cost for your home. Once you sign the contract, it will take at least 2 to 3 months for grid connection and energy production.


Ø Site inspection by engineers: The solar installation company will send an engineer to your place for inspection. He will conduct a thorough evaluation of the electrical status of your property. He needs to ensure that your home is compatible with the solar panel setup. The engineer will also check the condition of your roof and let you know if it’s suitable for home solar panel installation or not.


Ø Acquiring permission and documentation: A homeowner needs to apply for incentives like Federal ITC, clean energy financing initiatives, government rebates, local solar programs, SRECs, etc. Also, you have to fill out some other paperwork, for instance, building permits. The right installer will always be by your side and help you to figure out which are the permits that you need. Also, some installers offer to complete the paperwork on your behalf only.



Ø Placing an order for the right equipment: This step involves ordering for the solar panels and efficient and compatible inverters. You need to focus on factors like aesthetics, durability, and efficiency while ordering the equipment. Do some research if you are unsure as to which brands you should rely on. The installing company will also guide you with the best brands and their features. The paperwork needs to get approval before you move further with the residential solar panel installation plan.


Ø Residential solar panel installation: The solar installation process can indeed be an exciting one for you. The experts will, first of all, prep up your roof and ensure that all the tiles and shingles are attached correctly. Afterward, they set up the electrical wiring, which connects your general power system and electrical panel. Further installation of racking will be done. The solar panels are safely placed onto the racking. The installation process generally takes 2-3 days and depends on the nature of the solar panel setup you have chosen.



Ø Approval and interconnection: A representative of the government will come to inspect your property and give you the final approval. He will cross-check the work which your installer has done to date. His job is to double-check the electrical wiring, mounting, installations, etc.


How to choose the #1 company for Residential solar panel installation at your place?

Home Solar panel installation is indeed a time-consuming process. But the waiting period is indeed worth the value that you enjoy. But make sure you opt for the best company for solar panel installation at your place. At Clean Energy Savings USA, we have always served as a connecting point between our clients and the best solar companies in the town. We will do the hard work for you and offer you the best possible options as per your budget and requirement.

Let us together create and harness the abundant and renewable solar energy for a brighter future!

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