Residential Solar Panels in California

California is known as the Golden state of the United States because of its high sunlight exposure. The cost of electricity in California is relatively high. With a 26% federal tax credit along with a net metering policy, the transition to residential solar is more convenient than ever.

Is solar worth it in California?

YES! The California state lawmakers passed a law requiring homeowners to change to California solar programs as early as possible. According to the lawmakers, this law will enable the homeowners to save an average of $14,000 on electrical cost. Paired with the California solar panels being at an all-time low cost, this is the best time to switch a home to solar in California.

Best Residential Solar Panels in California

4 Reasons you should install Residential solar panels in California

You might be wondering about the pros and cons of California solar programs. If you are still skeptical about installing solar panels in your home, here are some of the benefits of solar panels:

  1. Budget-friendly:

Electric bills in California are incredibly high, not to mention the tax rates and incentives. Switching to solar panels will be the best decision for you. Now you can check if your home fits into our free solar panel programs.

  1. Helping the economy:

It is estimated that switching to solar in California can cut down your expenses up to $14,000! It also offers employment to residents in the state of California.

  1. Tax Incentives:

Per the new California state law of renewable energy, homeowners must install residential solar panels on their home. Not doing so may result in higher taxes and large expenses.

  1. Eco Friendly:

Solar energy is a form of inexhaustible energy which means it does not harm our planet. Switching to solar promotes better environmental options for electricity.

How to switch to California solar program

With lower electric bills and government subsidies, solar energy is the way to move forward in California. In case you are finding this entire process long and cumbersome while wondering how to begin the process, don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

Thanks to Clean Energy Saving USA, installing solar roof panels is now easier than ever. The first step is to click and find out if your home falls under the qualifying category for solar.

After a couple simple steps your job is done! Sit back and relax as our team of professionals come out to your home and perform a inspection. Your last step is the solar panel installation. We assure you our process is very quick and easy.


The geographical location of California allows the citizens to make great use of solar energy. In 2018, data was released that California will see a spike in the number of solar energy users by up to 73%. To our surprise, California crossed the benchmark by 4%.  It is now the high time for switching to solar and it’s time for you to switch to a more eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to using conventional electricity methods.