A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Solar Company

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Are you thinking about adding solar panels to your property? You’re not alone. About 2 million homes across the US already have solar panels.

By the year 2025, about 2.5% of homes in the US will have panels installed.

Before you install panels onto your property, it’s important to choose the right company for the job. Here are six tips that can help you find the best solar company in Florida. With these tips, you can make sure a professional team is working on your property.

Otherwise, an inexperienced team might cause unexpected damages. Don’t let that happen!

Start your search for the best solar energy companies in town with these tips today.

1. Create a List of Options

First, talk to your neighbors, family members, and friends in the area. Try to speak with someone you know who has panels on their home. Then, ask about the solar energy company they hired.

Make a list of questions you want to ask, including:

  • Did the team arrive on time
  • Did they accomplish your goals
  • Were they knowledgeable and professional
  • Did you have any issues working with them
  • How were those problems resolved
  • How long did the project take
  • Would you hire the same company in the future

There are now over 20,000 solar panel installation companies throughout the US. Speaking with your inner circle could help you find the best solar panel company in Florida. You can gather information you might not find online.

At the very least, you can determine which companies to avoid.

As you start researching the best solar companies in Florida, consider creating an Excel spreadsheet. You can also use a Word document to keep track of your notes.

If your inner circle can’t point you in the right direction, that’s okay. Start by Googling “best solar companies in Florida” instead. Then, make a list of options.

You can use the rest of these tips to learn more about each company on your list.

2. Choose Local vs. National

As you start creating a list of the best solar energy companies, make sure to check each company’s service area. Some companies cover more area than others. You’ll want to make sure they’re able to visit your property.

If you live outside of their service area, ask the company if you’ll need to pay a surcharge to have them reach your home.

Determine whether the companies on your list are local or national businesses, too.

Choosing a larger company gives you access to a more established team. They likely offer additional services like panel cleaning. They could offer better payment options, too.

Chances are, they also offer a more comprehensive warranty.

You might want to consider choosing a local company instead.

Local businesses are more familiar with county permitting requirements and state rebates. A local team might cover a small area. You might find their process is faster, though.

It’s possible they can arrive at your property to provide a quote sooner.

Choosing the best solar company varies based on your distinct needs. There’s no right or wrong answer.

3. Review Their Credentials

Before choosing from the solar companies on your list, check each company’s credentials.

First, you’ll want to determine how long each company has operated. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau listing. Look for a company that’s existed for at least a few years.

These teams have likely worked out operational issues. Chances are, they’ve earned the respect of local homeowners, too.

Once you find an established business, look at their paperwork. Find a company that’s licensed, insured, and bonded.

If someone is injured while working on your property, you won’t want them to hold you responsible. Make sure the company has worker’s compensation insurance.

What if they damage your property while on the job? Make sure their comprehensive insurance will handle it.

Then, look for additional certifications. The best solar company in Florida will have certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This organization sets the gold standards for installation.

Look for a company that has a PV Installation Professional on the team. They complete extensive training to earn their credentials.

4. Read Reviews

Once you find a team with the proper training and credentials, look for customer reviews. First, check the company’s website. You can find testimonials from their recent clients.

Check the company’s BBB and Google My Business listings as well.

You might find one or two negative comments. That’s normal. If you find an abundance of negative comments, however, scratch that company off your list.

Pay attention to comments about the company’s customer service and professionalism. Choose a team that will arrive on time and meet your expectations.

5. Consider Financing

While you’re on each company’s website, check their financing options. There are a few ways you can finance your solar panels:

  • Leasing
  • Paying in cash
  • Taking out a loan
  • Entering a power purchase agreement (PPA)

If you’re looking for the best solar company, consider your unique goals. Choose a company that offers the financing options you need.

If they don’t offer the financing options you’re interested in, scratch that company off your list.

6. Request Three Quotes

Try to narrow down your list of options to three of the best solar energy companies in town. Then, request a quote from each company on your list.

Requesting more than one quote will help you determine the average cost in the area. If one quote seems too high or too low, scratch that company off your list.

Have a list of questions you want to ask during the consultation appointment. For example, you can ask about the company’s warranty. Ask if they can handle the permits required for the area, too.

Then, ask how many energy panels you’ll need based on your monthly energy use.

To find the best solar company in town, review your notes. Choose a company that meets your specific needs and budget.

Shine On: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Solar Company in Town

Finding the best solar company in town doesn’t have to feel stressful. Instead, get started with these six tips. Choose a solar company that can meet your needs and expectations.

Eager to get started? We’re here to help!

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